Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Looms...

...and so does the first Monday of the new year, January 3rd. Look for a prompt post then!

We hope to see you join us, whether from the beginning or starting halfway through the year. Progress is progress, no matter how small. Check the 'Join Us' tab for how to join in our experiment (it's pretty simple: drop us a comment and shoot us an email).

Happy almost-New-Year!


  1. 2011 is gonna be greeeeeaaat! Join us, people :D You know you want to. *hypnotic eerie music sounds*

  2. I must join...*sways to hypnotic music*
    Anywho, I'm interested! This is kinda what I was wanting to do anyway, but knowing me I would not be able to do it alone. (procrastination)

  3. Yay, Gillian! Welcome-welcome! I added your name to our list of participants. Let us know if you have a blog or website. We'll add your link.

  4. Welcome Gillian - I'm so glad the hypnosis worked on ya :D

  5. Yes, I'm an easy person to hypnotize xD Wave a little chocolate in my face and I'll be your slave forever. Hmm...chocolate...
    I don't have a blog by the way.

  6. Chocolate is definitely an effective weapon :D

    No worries about the blog! Wooot I am excited, it's time to start. hehe


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