Monday, January 17, 2011


This prompt was inspired by a regretsy post my sister sent me. You've got to love regretsy.

Write a short story of 1,000-10,000 words based on the following:
"I knew there were magic spells for THAT. I just never imagined buying one off of Ebay."

******In case anyone needs extra inspiration, some people actually do sell magic spells on Ebay. Also, this is the regretsy post my sister sent me.


  1. HEhehe, oh my, the possibilities! :P

  2. Oh, this one's going to be fun. :P

  3. Mine doesn't involve e-Bay at all. I tried to include it in my first attempt, with e-Tray (their slogan is "Way better than e-Bay!" But yeah, that story fell a little flat pretty quickly. :)

  4. Finished! (Oh yay, I got around to writing one, and we're only THREE WEEKS in... *pats self on back in ironic manner*)
    So, I should post the story on my OWN blog? and then link to it here? Pls explain for the techno-challenged!! :D

  5. Hi Charlotte! Yay, so glad you have joined us for this week at least :D You can post it on your blog if you want, or email it to us. Or not do either ;) It's up to you. If you would like it to be up for possible selection on the Saturday or Sunday posts we make, then let us know where we can find it :)

  6. Oi that's not gonna be easy! =)


  7. I found myself a bit stuck at first, too, and the story I wrote (only about 600 words of it) was really super lame. Then I had a flash in my head of a certain scene for a new story, so i started over ;)


    Here's mine. I suppose I should've used all-new characters, but Caitlin and Colin were so fun to write...:P


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