Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Late February check-in :)

Yeah, I've lost track of the weeks, so let's just measure by the part of the month we're up to!

How's everyone going? I've done a lot of photo sorting in recent days, as it's probably the easiest thing on my weekly task list (aside from catching up on reading Michael's Princess Caitlin/Catrina stories, that is). I've got really far ahead in that goal, to make up for the weeks in March/April when I will be out of the country and probably unable to sort any photos at all. My goal is to get that far ahead in other areas, too, though I will probably take some stuff on the plane with me (like printed-out Catrina stories, or printed-out novel chapters to edit, stuff like that). But anyway, the point is that I'm sorting photos but not rushing ahead in any other area. Though I did read an extra Catrina story last night. ;)

I'm very, very close to finishing my first NaNo novel (a YA paranormal, or is it supernatural?) from last year. It's currently at about 60k, and will probably end at not much more than that. Then I have the next novel to move onto, which I reached 50k on but which may be longer than the first (it's sci-fantasy). It's been slow going, writing 1k a week, but it's also been more relaxing than most of my writing projects are.

Anyway... My travels. A friend and I are travelling to Paris, then London, then going on a tour of the U.K., in March/April. Should be fun, and cold, and should leave me with a whole bunch of new photos I will need to sort upon returning home. But I still have a few weeks to go before I get to say I'm leaving! A few more weeks in which to try and make headway with my goals!

How are you all going with your goals/projects/what have you?


  1. Printed-out Catrina stories. As Joss Whedon might say, it gives me a happy. :P
    My goal of writing short stories every week-ish is puttering along, but I've got fairly far behind on editing. Law school has devoured my time this term. Dear oh dear.

    1. I remember you mentioning that you would have to write lots more stories so that I'd never run out for the year :P But don't worry - if I do run out, I'll find other goals to accomplish in the meantime. haha

      I guess studying will do that to a person! Part of me is surprised you get any creative stuff done at all. Most of mine got put on hold when I was studying.

  2. Hey there, first time visitor and great to meet you! I'm doing okay with goals and projects but would like to catch up some more and get ahead of the game a bit. Busy time of year but enjoying it just the same.

  3. I did get the first three chapters of THINKING OF YOU officially edited a week or so ago, in the span of a few days in fact. I can do this!

    I actually sorted all of the pictures on my computer recently and named them. I don't have that many though...

  4. Ha! Hopelessly behind. I want to have my book to the publisher by the end of the month. A to Z is a lot of fun--but takes a lot of time :-)

  5. Keep up the good work! I'm 33k into my current WiP, so pretty darn close to the halfway point.


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