Monday, July 18, 2011



Anybody there? Or have we all dropped off the face of the planet? In which case, where the heck are we?

Guess that's an interesting prompt all on its own...and hey, feel free to write to that. :P But the actual prompt I have for you this week is as follows.

Write 1,000-10,000 words of prose (or 333-3,333 words of verse) based on the following:

"I never invited you in

But you are not a vampire"

So, I hope all is going well for my fellow Chrysalis participants! I know that I feel like I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth sometimes, but I still always manage to get a story done in the end. Whether or not it's good is another matter entirely... I still feel like I'm experimenting, and yet I also feel like sometimes I'm reacting to a very NEAR deadline. Like "OMG WRITE A STORY IN THE NEXT FIVE SECONDS OR DIE!" "OKAY OKAY I'M WRITING SHEEESH GIMME A BREAK!"

Know what I mean? I'm sure you do...

If nothing else, this year's Chrysalis Experiment has been a really invigorating and challenging experience! I'm so glad to be a part of it!

Anyway...I've rambled on, and now it's time to WRITE!

Have fun. :)


  1. Hellllooooo back!

    I'm here, lol, just negligent. Haven't started yet, but will tonight or tomorrow morning. I too have developed the habit of writing them up last minute and all...

  2. I, ah, am still on Week 27's story. -cringe- But, but, I'm almost done with it and I've had a lot going on. I promise I'll be caught up before next month.

  3. Brooke, it's okay...I get it. :P Just glad I'm not the only one going ARGH! sometimes. lol

  4. I think I got the last-minute story bug as well...but then, Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address the night before he gave it, so we're in good company. :P

  5. Ack. Sorry about that. Traveling again.

  6. Michael, we ARE in good company you're right. hehe

    I got just over 1000k...but not done with the story yet.

  7. I've finally gotten to this prompt! And it's still technically the same week!

  8. That makes one of us!

    The beach is far less conducive for writing than many have told me. *sigh*

    I'll get mine up in a couple days and backdate it, probably. -fail.-

  9. Way to go Brooke!! :D

    Winter, I'm sure you have better things to do...hehe


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