Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 30 . . . must start remembering that I am multiples of 3.

Sorry this is so late . . . again.

Here's the prompt: (1k-10k prose/333-3,333 verse)

I knew something was very, very wrong when I found the wall of cookbooks in his kitchen.  Not a single spine had been cracked.


  1. Interesting. Now my mind is filled with cannabilism, because I'm sure they don't have cookbooks for that. XD

    I'm sitll on last week's story, almsot 300 words, and I'm stuck.

  2. LOL. Brooke makes a good point on cannibalism...

  3. Thank God for autosave. Otherwise I would have just lost what I have of last week's story. 0-0

  4. Heheheh. I was just thinking about how eerie it is to visit someone you don't know very well, look at their bookshelf and realize that their books have never been opened. Am I the only one who thinks that this could be the beginning of an Alfred Hitchcock film? My sister had a roommate like that once . . . she was a comp lit grad student (the roommate, not my sister). I told my sister that she needed to sleep with a taser under her pillow.

  5. finally finished the story for the last prompt. this rate, I'll be writing the one for Prompt Fifty-Two somewhere around July 2012. :P

  6. Um...yeah. Haven't started this. Haven't THOUGHT about starting it, till now - Friday night. Haven't even got an idea. Wheee! :)


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