Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Eek, so sorry, everyone! The prompt is late, so... er, how have we dealt with this in the past? Just let it blow over? Okay, cool. Hey, have an extra day to write, on me. :P

Because I'm thinking about nothing but the beginning of school these days, write a short story of 1,000-10,000 words based on the following:

The first time I walked into that classroom was also the last.

Bonne chance! I don't speak French.



  1. No big deal.

    Oh boy. I had a weird idea for this week. It think it just got weirder.

  2. Moi aussi... je ne parles pas Francais :P no intiendo! merde! Yep, just mixed a couple of languages in there.

    This is a very cool prompt ;)

  3. This is the first one I've gotten an idea for straight away in a while.

    I'm down to only three stories left!

  4. Go Brooke!! I finished this week's, and also finished off that Wussey story I posted here a few weeks back. I'm all up to date! Except for all the stories that could be longer that I haven't got back to working on yet, of course!


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