Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hi all,

Just reporting that I did a bit of housekeeping on the blog, reduced the number of labels that are displaying, etc. This can be changed at anytime. I also added a new page, Navigation, which lists all the prompts & links to the associated labels. Sometimes that list of labels just got a bit long for my brain to handle... hehe

Feel free to protest here!! I want to see picketing!

Hope you are all having a great day!



  1. Did you go through the list of Test Subjects, too. I've noticed that it's a big outdated with people who said they were going to do this, then didn't.

  2. For a moment I panicked! When I saw the title in my blog roll I thought I had my days mixed up and was really behind; I saw the date and then thought oh no, they posted a story early, damn overacheivers!


    I haven't checked out the new Nav page but I'm sure it works great! I can picket, though--if you really want me to! *looks around for picket, instead picks up coffee mug is much closer*

    Story is approx 1/2 there, unless I scrap it and start over. I will be on time this week!

  3. Sorry for freaking you out, Jes. Hehe. Good luck with your story! I've barely started mine.....!

    Brooke, I haven't done that, no. You're right, some of them haven't even written one story, as far as I can tell. Might tidy it up a bit!

  4. *picketpicketpicket* *throws random fruit* :)

  5. I'm so disappointed that I might just have to write a bloody story about this!!!!

    Naw. Thanks!

  6. Knowing you, Jenn, it WILL be a "bloody" story XD


    And mine will, er, be here soon I hope I hope I HOPE.

  7. YAY, real picketing! I feel special now...hehe


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