Sunday, September 25, 2011


Almost forgot that it was my turn to prompt again. 

Well, it's almost October, which means that a lot of us are either thinking about NaNoWriMo or avoiding thinking about NaNoWriMo.  In the spirit of doing the first rather than the second of these two things, I thought it would be fun to give you this prompt:

(1K-10k prose/333-3,333 verse)

"This is the short version of my story, the simplest way I can possibly tell it."

Good luck and sign up for Nano early before the site gets bogged down.


  1. I love it! Nice prompt :) But now...what to write?!?!

  2. Ooh, awesome prompt, Jenn. I'm getting NaNo jitters!

    Small update re: missing Friday story - I actually got a couple thousand words into mine, but then I was separated from my computer Friday-Sunday. Which is like unheard of in my life. I'll hopefully have the story done soon!

  3. I'm very excited about NaNo too! It's gonna be interesting trying to write Chrysalis stories during that month as well ;) But hey, just adds to the fun!

  4. That's a crazy coincidence, Winter. My computer had this crazy virus and I just got it back a few hours ago from being reformatted.

    Oh Trisha, how long did it take you to write 50k words last year? Something like 2.5657697 days? But yeah, I'm getting excited and I'm always afraid that I haven't done enough planning. My prompts might be distinctly NaNo-themed for a while.

  5. Actually last year was a little slower (I think)...more like 12 days. hehe. Been known to write 50k in 6 days though.

    I can't believe those folks who write their entire 50k in the first 24 hours.

  6. So lately, instead of horror, my mind has been stretching more toward dystopian. I recently got an idea for one. Maybe that's why.

  7. I'm definitely avoiding thinking about NaNo. I'm still behind on Chrysalis prompts! Eep!

  8. Dystopian is cool, Brooke! Maybe you could combine it with horror? hehe

    Michael...I don't blame you for being behind, what with your crazy law stuff going on! But oh well, doesn't it make you feel alive?!?! hehe


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