Monday, September 5, 2011

Prompt 36

Hahahahahah!!!!!  Not late this time.   The power of writing things up on Sunday.

I thought I'd give folks a little extra incentive for this prompt.  There is a Titanic (as in that rather large ocean liner from 1912) writing contest on this blog:

And . . . for any girls between the ages of 13 and 21, is giving away a $5000 prize for a 500 word short story on any subject.  That's $10 a word for the winner.  I don't think Charles Dickens was paid that much.  Details here:

 Let us know if you've entered or are intending to enter.  We'll <3 you as often as we can.  ;)

Now for the prompt (1k-10k prose/ 333-3,333k verse):

"I know all the best places to hide.  But there are certain precautions you need to take if you don't want them to smell you."

Good Luck!


  1. *spits out coffee* $5000? Madeline! Start brainstorming!!

    Alright, anyways. I have some explaining to do. I have been unbelievably busy. I think I'm eight or so prompts behind.

    My plan is to focus on each current prompt, treating it as a novel. (Outlining, drafting, rewriting, editing. . . so on, and so forth.) Then after that is done, I'll quickly whip out a prompt that I never wrote.

    If I keep focusing on how behind I am, I won't get the most out of this experience. I need to grow as a novelist. I need to learn how to do more than just draft. So I'll start using these prompts to my advantage.

    So. . . off to get started on this prompt!

  2. Love the prompt... Immediately, some kind of monsters come to mind, and yet...I'm thinking I won't be writing about real monsters.

    That's an awesome prize!! I think all our young'ins need to GET ON THAT RIGHT AWAY!!

  3. Yay Madeline!!!! Remember, it can be on any topic, so you can always rework something you've done before. I believe Maggie Stiefvater is one of the judges and I know that she likes lyrical, character-driven writing with a playful edge. You can check out some of her stories on

    Now to get the whips and chains out for Winter and Brooke :)

  4. Whips and chains make pretty pains!

    yes that was an intentional rhyme. hey that's kind of a cool prompt...hehe

  5. Came by to invite you to the The Rule of Three Blogfest ---a month-long extravaganza in the fictional town of Renaissance this October, with some great prizes, comment love, and of course, a lot of exposure for your writing. Check it out, and sign up if you like. I would love to have one of your stories for this blogfest.

  6. Okay, so I posted Prompt #33 yesterday and wrote the first paragraph to #34 (which I think I need to look over again before I start writing just to make sure it makes sense). Hopefully, I can finish that by Friday and finish up #35 this weekend. This is the week I'm going to get caught up (or almost). I can feel it!

    For some reason I'm picturing one of those things that little kids put the shape blocks in...

    $5000?! 0-0 I wonder if I can cut down the story about the drowned boy and his brother.

  7. Dude, I haven't even started this story!!

  8. Thanks for the contest information. I'm passing on the one for young girls to my god daughter. Awesome prompt!


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