Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Well, this is it, I guess. To give a grisly end to a year of often-macabre prompts, here is...

Write a short story of 1,000-10,000 words based on the following:

She'd expected getting stabbed in the stomach to hurt at least a little more. But to humor her attacker, she supposed she should act like she was in agony.

Hope you had a very merry whatever-religion-you-are holiday or Festivus if you're atheist!

And a joyous New Year!



  1. Okay, I have to write one story a day until the end of the year. I can do that right?

  2. Ohhh, last one! This is suitably gory, nice work Winter. hehe. Brooke - YOU CAN DO IT!!! You could even fit in more than one a day if you wanted to get ahead, right?

  3. I have to write three stories in four days. but this...this is just perfect for a Catrina story to close it out. Stab stab stabbity stab...:P

  4. I have 48 through 52 to do. Five stories with four days left. I'll have to do more than one a day.

  5. Well, I've only got one story to write, but I have 13 chapters to revise...in 3.5 days! I've been a real procrastinator here. ;)

  6. I'm so behind . . .


    I always thought Christmas should be treated like St. Patrick's Day. You know how everyone's Irish on 3/17?

  7. Well, I'm more agnostic than atheist these days...don't know what's out there. But I also don't give a crap what's out there. haha. I don't know what kind of agnostic that makes me. Logically I feel like an atheist, but even more logically I know I can't really know for sure till I die! ;)

    Cheery stuff, eh? Anyway, moving on, I may call myself something up there, but I still celebrate Christmas! I still say "Merry Christmas". Though in recent years I took to saying "Merry Everything" instead, just to cover everyone (plus New Year's). But for me, Christmas has got nothing to do with Christ or Mass, so...it's just to do with family and food.

  8. I just finished 48, so at least I'm in the month of December now. I'll be posting it shortly.


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