Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new year! What about Chrysalis?

I don't know about you guys, but for me last year was quite the challenge! I wrote 52 short stories in 52 weeks! At one point I was about four weeks behind, or was it five? Either way, it was painful catching up, but I did it. I think the point I'm trying to make, though, is that I'm in no hurry to repeat last year's experience!

My co-hosts and I haven't really talked about what will happen this year with the Chrysalis blog, or anything Chrysalis-related. I get the distinct impression those two are rather burned out, and I can totally relate to that! I can speak for me however when I say I will be doing something Chrysalis-related this year. My challenge is one I've chosen to suit just me, and it's related to songwriting and recording. There was discussion a few months back (I think that was when we discussed it...) about what we might do in 2012. Well, there were lots of different ideas, and it occurred to me that maybe in 2012 everyone should make their own Chrysalis challenge. Basically, something that happens once a week, related to writing, that you can report on here (and on your blog of course). You can use the Chrysalis platform to keep you motivated!

I'm not really sure how it'd work. I'm not sure if we will have prompts. I'm not sure of anything! But I do know that I would be sad to see this blog and Chrysalis in general just die in the dust.

So what do you guys think??

P.S. There will be an exit survey...soon!


  1. I didn't get caught up before the new year. I'm still on story #49. However, I am okay with that. I'll just finish up my 52 as soon as I can. I'm trying not to stress so much.

    Also, I like the new layout, but I have a few things to point out. The description at the top is hanging off. Also the "Talk to Us" sidebar widget overlaps. Personally, I think it should be removed since no one ever uses it. I feel Followers should be moved to the top, as well.

  2. Yep, I had noticed the header writing overhanging...thought I'd sorted it but evidently not. hehe. and I had already decided to remove the 'chat' thing, so good thinking! :)

  3. I feel bad about totally dropping of the face of TCE after prompt 30-something. I guess I just got a little overwhelmed. At least this year I learned that I'm not as capable of juggling eighty-million projects as I thought.

    As for the idea of doing something weekly, I'm all up for that! It sounds like fun to have people pick their own weekly goal and have somewhere to talk about it and be encouraged. :)

  4. ...52 in 52 is quite the accomplishment, congrats on the feat!
    Glad I stopped by ;)


  5. Congratulations on your 52 stories for 52 weeks!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Congratulations on reaching your 2011 goal. 52 stories in 52 weeks is quite an accomplishment. Happy New Year.

  7. I like the new layout as well, and I definitely like the idea of doing something weekly and making it our own personal goal. Assuming the Mayan Apocalypse doesn't get us all, that is. :P

  8. I'm what might be called an Apocalypse sceptic. hehe. Every time somebody says the world's gonna finally end "this year" (and there have been many years when it's been said), I just can't bring myself to believe it ;)

    When's it meant to end anyway, this time?! hehe

    I'd like to hear about what everyone's planning on doing weekly, then! :D


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