Monday, July 23, 2012

Mid-year check-in

Oh, I know...I know. Nothing much is happening on this blog. I can report that I stumbled across Jenn again - it's always great to chat to that lady! But Winter is still floating somewhere in the ether. I still hold out hope that she will return to us someday soon. But I'm pretty sure she's busy with her last year of school, or her first year of college. I can't remember which it would be by now...'s the middle of the year! I don't suppose that comes as news to anyone, but it does surprise me just a little. How is everyone going with their creative/other goals for the year? For me, it's been necessary to accept that I can't always be perfect and achieve all my goals 100% of the time. But I am still getting stuff done, and I'm enjoying (almost) every minute of it.

In other news, I turn 32 tomorrow (July 25th...this blog post will be posted on July 23rd, but in Australia it's actually July 24th right now)! It's a mid-week birthday, not ideal, but I will still be enjoying a birthday dinner at mama's house, with other family around. That lady is too good to me!

Hope all of you are doing well! Tell me how you're going with your "stuff" so far this year!


  1. Will Jenn be joining you in posting again?

    And happy birthday! Sorry I missed it for real. I spent the beginning part of this week catching up on old blog posts instead of the new.

    My creative goals are not going quite as I planned, but I think I'm finally getting over my fear of revision. I'm actually excited to move onto the bigger stuff now!

    1. Belated thanks for the belated happy b'day :) Re: Jenn joining me here, I'm thinking not, but you never know I guess :)

      I know the feeling with goals not going according to plan - that has been the story of my year in a lot of ways. hehe


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