Thursday, May 5, 2011

Week 17 wrap-up

Oops! Very late...but hey, that seems to be becoming a habit for most of us running this Experiment thing. ;)

I'm cheating & backdating it!

So, the prompt for Week 17 was:

"This might not be the best time for getting philosophical..."

And we wrote these things:

  1. Jes wrote about a wereguy whose vegan ways fly out the window as he realises how many nice meaty things there are in the world waiting to be eaten (Sunday pick)
  2. Virginia told us all about what happens when dumb boys get mixed up with science chicks. hehe (Saturday pick)
  3. Madeline painted a desperate future for a bunch of kids who get through life on whatever drugs they can acquire through stealing (and murdering and mayheming)
  4. Michael wrote about mums with super powers whose kids are getting babysat by evil Charity. Thankfully Screaming Banshee Woman is a mum too! :D
  5. Brooke wrote an adorable story about a 9-year-old's plan for getting to the stars (it reminded me of a song called "Rocket" by the Smashing Pumpkins, which I will show you in a moment)
  6. Michelle's story felt like the beginning of a bank robbery story with a difference! And I really don't get where that Mavis chick's head is at :P
  7. and I wrote about a troubled girl in an asylum who doesn't really belong there.

Now, in closing: kids and their rockets. And the version YouTube lets me embed!

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