Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week 20 wrap-up

Okay, so week 20's prompt was:

I find myself drawn to the shadow domain

and here's what I read:

  • Winter wrote our Friday feature about a) guys playing a video game & pretty much dying from starvation or b) guys in a futuristic setting whose jobs are actually to ...umm... be in the video game. Yeah, still don't quite know which. hehe
  • Jes contributed a story that was our Sunday story pick, about a girl just minding her own beeswax when a veritable "Thor" dude shows up in dire need of hops. hehe. They head off to outer space, and the local religious folks take it as a sign that Armageddon is nigh. Gotta love it!
  • Michael brought us what I saw as something of a "Princess Caitlin best of" in which Caitlin fought off deadly poisons and the showdown between her and Evil Susan began... dun dun dun, what will happen next?!?!
  • Madeline seemed to bend reality with her story this week (or maybe it's just that my brain isn't bendy enough to follow...hehe); this story certainly had an eerie/mysterious feel to it. Love her writing style as usual!
  • Brooke's beautiful piece for this week reminded me of that dream-dance in The Labyrinth between Jareth and Sarah - and like Sarah, Brooke's heroine this time was awoken rudely from the dream...only to hear the echo of her hero's voice and his promise that he isn't far
  • Jenn wrote about Cinderella and the Devil and lung cancer that shows on your skin - a short story that kept me hooked from start to finish, made me giggle and gape by turns, etc.
  • And I wrote about a bitchy snooty lady woman who awakens (unexpectedly - most people secretly hoped she would die) to find that her hubby has betrayed her and that nothing is as it was before.

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