Saturday, January 28, 2012

How's everybody going?

I've lost track of my fellow Chrysalis hostesses :( I think they're floating in the portion of space known as "real life has taken over". I miss them! But the show must go on, as the saying goes!

How's everyone going with their creative/other goals this year so far?

My goals are mostly on track, but the health goals are on hold temporarily while I recover from a minor surgery I had on Friday. My writing goals are going well, and I'm a little bit ahead in some areas. I'm finding it quite easy to get in my 'slacker' time, which possibly means I'm not doing enough. But I'm not going to expand on my goals just yet, 'cause I think that could lead to exhaustion!

But now it's your turn - let's have your updates!! :)


  1. -clears throat- So... you know how I said I wanted to edit or revise a chapter a week? It's sort of... not happening. I did transfer my file over to Scrivener and review my first chapter critiques, making minor changes and taking notes on what I needed to change, but that's about it.

    Lately, I've taken to making a list of goals for each day. It's been semi-successful and I wonder if I twink with it, make it a list of goals for the week perhaps. We'll see how it goes.

    With my major goals, I'm going to post an update on Wednesday.

    1. Well at least you got started, Brooke!

  2. I wish you the best with your recovery!!

    My goals? One day at a time. That's all I can control ... well ... not even that sometimes!! :)

  3. Goals? *distracted face* What's this? What's "goals?" Never heard of them...uh...oh yeah...that's right...


    I'll be starting up round two of my Nano WIP in February (tomorrow, eek!), hopefully will get another 1/3 of the way through, take a month or so off, then do another so that I'll be editing it by summer without rushing. Still got a long way to go on it, but hopefully that timetable will allow for me to get going on 2012's Nano.

    My Juno WIP also stalled, lol, which I will work on when I'm not working on my other novel. It's much more fun and pressure free, ha! Still, I want that to be tied up, including edits by May-June-ish, which shouldn't be too bad since it's looking to be a wee little novel.

    Still also plan on a short story each week, but I fell off the wagon with that gawd-awful cold last month. Weak excuse, but you know. Bleh.


    Plan on the A to Z and Platform blog hops this year too, but those don't really seem like goals, just to-do lists for my brain.

    And how are you feeling? Are you mended yet?

  4. Yep, mostly mended, but have to wait another 2 days before I can get these darn dressings off my face - they're starting to itch! haha

    I'm planning on the A to Z too, but my holiday keeps getting delayed so it's looking more like I'll have to schedule most of April's posts in :P To me, that's a pain!

  5. Good luck with the surgery! Hope you get well quickly. And that's awesome you're ahead on your goals - that hasn't happened for me in a while haha

  6. goals....oh, dear. Well. I've done one edit of sorts of Catrina in Space, and I'm planning on doing another, though right now I've gone back and started editing the Catrina stories from last year. I'm thinking of maybe a Catrinanthology. :P
    And my goal to do a short story every week...well, I've missed a couple weeks. but not all of them. lowering expectations FTW!

    1. Hehe, Michael, I think we've all been there sometimes. :)

  7. Oy. Trish. Real life. Not good.

    Sorry to hear about your surgery.

    1. Jennnnn!!!! Good to hear from you! I'm sorry that real life is not good though. Want to share more on EC? Uma and I have missed you a lot!


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