Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week #1 check-in (check-up?)

So, let's have a rehash of week #1. For me, I had the following goals:

  • Revise one chapter of a WIP (any WIP)
  • Revise one Chrysalis story from 2011
  • Read one Catrina story
  • Attend a yoga class (fitness)
  • Beach walk 1 (fitness)
  • Beach walk 2 (fitness)
  • Write 1 song
  • Write 1000 words on a WIP (any WIP)
  • Sort 100 photos & transfer to iPhoto

I achieved most of these. The only one I didn't do was the yoga class, but I did an extra beach walk to make up for it (or to "sort of" make up for it? hehe). The song was the first thing I got done. I revised a chapter of one of my hugely overblown novels (it was 148k or so at the start...needs to be more like 95k!), which was quite satisfying (slash and burn was involved). I revised my first Chrysalis story and decided it will be shelved, and I won't try and publish it or anything. I wrote over a thousand words on one of my unfinished novels from NaNo 2011. And I technically put a lot more than 100 photos into iPhoto, but only about 100 were newly sorted.

All in all, a productive week, but I'm finding that it's better not to be locked into any particular day for doing any particular task I've set myself. It's good to have so many things to work on, so that I can pick and choose!

Anyway, over to you! How'd you guys go with your weekly goals?


  1. I didn't really do much toward my goals. I'm taking it slow, reading a novel Madeline sent to me, finishing up my Chrysalis stories. Then I'll dive into my weekly goal.

  2. It seems as if you're on the right path completing all but one of your goals for the week. Wishing you'll complete all next time. Loving your blue butterfly.


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