Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week #2 check-in/up

Hey everyone!! How's everything going? Are you meeting your goals? Do you even know your goals yet?

I'm finding it interesting so far this year, because I'm working on a fair few projects at once but I feel like I'm not doing much. I guess last year was really busy and I was working on one given project at a time, and throwing my all into it. This year is a little different. But I'm liking it - the variety keeps things interesting and fresh!

What's a creative project you're working on or planning to work on right now?


  1. THINKING OF YOU is still waiting for me. My dad is supposed to wipe my computer this weekend then I can jump in.

    1. Good luck!!! I hope you're excited :)

  2. Ah, so many projects I'd like to work on!! But, right now I'm enjoying visiting my blogging buddies! ha.

    1. That is definitely a project I've been bad with - I've managed to visit SOME but not many blogs in the last few days. I'm working on that too!

  3. Hi, Trisha!

    My goal is to celebrate Darkspell's release with many book signings including a booklaunch party with tons of giveways! So excited over this!

    Another goal I have is submitting Rock Star! CheatPeak:

    I'm also crittering 5 MSs, and doing a few reviews--after which I plan

    To edit up another book and get it published before the year is out! :P



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