Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's your "weekly" goal, then?

Come on guys, share your plans with us!

In my case, I'm actually planning on doing a lot of things on a weekly basis. Posting on my (other) blog, revising a chapter of a WIP (whatever WIP I'm working on at the time), going to a yoga class, walking by the beach... There are more, but I'll leave it there. Except to say that I do have a Chrysalis-specific goal, and that is to write one new song a week.

If we're going to do this "choose your own adventure" version of Chrysalis, then I want to know what you guys are going to choose (barring Mayan Apocalypse, as Michael pointed out :D). Some of the ideas floating around were a) doing one short story per week again, b) writing one novella a month for 2012, etc.

Still waiting on that Exit Survey, by the way, but you'll see it here when it's ready! about a little Entrance Survey for 2012?

1. What are you going to aim for with Chrysalis in 2012? It can be any goal, as long as it's weekly!

2. Do you have a strategy for how you're going to handle 2012's writing/whatevering goals?

3. Were you satisfied with your progress (in whatever you were doing) last year?

4. What do you aim to do differently this year?

5. Do you like fluffy bunnies, or shorn bunnies, or neither? :)

6. And finally...what other question should I put here that my mind isn't brilliant enough to come up with?


  1. I just have one answer for now.

    1. I'm thinking I'll be sure to edit and revise one chapter of THINKING OF YOU a week. That'll give me some breaks now and then as it only has thirty chapters.

  2. I'm going to try for writing a story every week again, and also editing a chapter of something I've already written this week. I'll probably post something later with Chrysalis stats and that's when I'll do the survey. and you could ask what is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, to quote Douglas Adams. :P


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