Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 4 Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! Here to wrap up Week 4. Thanks for the great reads.

Also... yep, Brooke, I suppose I do have a thing for manners prompts. XD I'll change this the next go 'round...

A quick recap:

1. Madeline's Please explored the narrator's relationship with her deceased grandfather and with her distant, dispassionate, (delicious,) Antarctican lover.

2. Brooke's story created a torturous, hungry dystopia ruled by a beautiful murderess.

3. Michael's Another Shore gave us a simple man with a simple love in a crazy science-fictionalized world.

4. Jenn's Causing Silence brought us to a world where starving orphans, unable to speak, are caught in the war between the Protestors and the Patriots.

...and, off-set, Trisha crafted a high-school-and-onward relationship filled with insecurity and hopeless dependence. My own story was about a girl constantly denied, from keeping her dog from euthanasia at a young age to getting rejected from college at 18 and other stuff.

Thanks to everyone for participating! I hope I can get my story finished for tomorrow, eek.



  1. Yay! I got personally addressed. I feel so special. ^^

  2. I really enjoyed reading these stories :D


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