Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 5 wrap-up

First off, a reminder that tomorrow I am posting my story for this week's prompt, and I hope to see you guys posting yours or emailing them to us as well. :)

Anyway, on to business! Last week's prompt saw me waiting till the very last moment (almost...okay, Friday isn't quite the end of the week, but whatever) to get my story done - let alone started! Before that I had read a few other stories already, and one last one on Sunday I think. These are the stories I've read:

  1. Madeline wrote about some creepy-ass creatures called Lurkers, and what happens when they brainwash your brother. *shivers*
  2. Michael brought us another episode of Caitlyn and Colin goodness, and once again feisty Caitlyn showed why she puts the capital P back into Princess.
  3. Brooke totally creeped me out with her slowly-building tale of horror which had a very gasp-worthy ending.
  4. Virginia brought us the tale of the (insert number here) Coming, in which the Chosen One is revealed as prophecy has foretold. Who knew he would be a thirteen-year-old boy covered in paint and with a sore thigh. hehe.

And of course our Friday-featured story was from Winter, and she wrote about eight-year-old Cinnamon's journey to Hell to rescue her friend from the "big scary" Devil's clutches. Her sacrifice? That spectacular red hair.

As for me, I wrote about two ghosts who are stuck in the "After", and deliberately miss their chance to move onto oblivion so they can protect their loved ones. And things get worse from there.

All in all it was a great week and I want to thank everyone for participating! I hope you are having as much fun as I am. :)

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