Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 6 wrap-up (a little late, I know)

I decided to put this up because I am just a wee bit obsessive about these things, and want all the blanks to be filled. ;) So yeah, week 6 saw us with the following prompt from Jennifer:

Well, you certainly picked a fine time to go all 'happily ever after'.

And as soon as I saw it, I thought, "Ohhhh, the possibilities!" This is what we got for the week:

  • "What do you get when you mix Interview With A Vampire and The Frog Prince?" Jenn asked this question, and Brooke answered it with her story.
  • Michael brought us another episode from Princess Caitlyn and co., but this time things looked a little scarier than usual! What will happen to Caitlyn?! Maybe we'll find out this week!
  • I still want to know what happened to the baby in Madeline's story for this week! But judging by some of her other work, it might not have ended prettily. ;)
  • Friday feature - I wrote about a psycho chick (whose name was not Susan :D) whose unrequited love makes our protag's life a misery.
  • Jennifer's as yet unfinished (if I'm guessing right...) series of slightly absurd (enough of the letter 's' in there, do ya think?) love letters, and the hilarious story they began to tell.
I am yet to see what Winter wrote. *nudge nudge* Hehe.

Aaaaaand that about sums it up! Yay, I feel better now. :D

P.S. I anal-retentively rearranged the tags for this blog. Yes...I'm like that. ;)


  1. Not yet :D I may be posting that too!

  2. Whoops . . . I totally forgot about this thing last week. :(

  3. That's all right, I didn't mind doing it :P


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