Monday, April 4, 2011


DUDE! Sorry it's so late... ;) I...errr, forgot. Yeah.

But here it is!

Write a short story of 1,000-10,000 words, based on the following:

"Come to me to feel my protection. Countdown to my revelation..."

It's a quote from a song.

Okay, go!


  1. Oh my, this one is complex! Let me get my thinking cap on...
    In other news, I awarded the Chrysalis Experiment team with a blogging award, because you guys are so dedicated and lovely:

  2. I'm thinking of a building; a place of protection. But that feels more like a poem idea than a short story. I'm going to have to mull it around.

  3. Gosh ~~ my poor brain is still trying to recover from prompt 12 ... I'll really have to dig deep for this one .


  4. I think a short story in verse should be more than welcome! If I'm not mistaken, I believe that stories in verse have about 1/3 the word count as comparable prose stories. In this case, 333-3,333 words in verse should suffice.

  5. Aarghhh, it's Wednesday night and I GOT NOTHIN'. Hope others are getting on better than I am...

  6. I wrote about somebody fleeing through a post-apocalyptic city only to be betrayed by her former friend.

    You could even just take one word from the quote and focus on that, Charlotte :)

  7. I'm moving house.
    Yeah. Big.
    You can read my very short post on my blog ;)
    But anyway, I will do this story, but I won't get it up. Along with the next few weeks. I'll have a huge catch-up later. Sorry! x

  8. Good luck with moving, Anna!
    Trisha, good tip. Maybe I will do that - the idea of a "countdown" certainly catches my eye :)

  9. Bleh for moving, Anna!--

    Don't worry Charlotte; I barely have the intro and it doesn't fit at all with the prompt yet *looks around nervously* Your's sounds intriguing, Trisha. Wish mine was that developed! (I never seem to know what's going on until they're written, ha!)

    I'd love to see a verse short-story, did you go that way Brooke?

  10. Well, mine isn't really as fully developed as it should be. I rushed it, you see ;) But it's a beginning.

  11. I am so determined to make a good story this week and start on a day that's not Friday. Hopefully a story that doesn't require a whole introduction of lame excuses before it will be produced this week. *crosses fingers* :D

  12. Madeline, I've been thinking lately "I'd love to not rush through a Chrysalis story for once" ;) I seem to be just blurting something out at the last possible moment. So I know how you feel ;)

    This week I got mine done early, but it still felt rushed.

  13. I haven't started mine yet...*ponder ponder ponder*.

  14. My parents' phone number is one digit different from the local sheriff's office. I'm tempted to do a story about a wrong number.

  15. That's classic! The place I used to work had a fax number that was 1 digit different from...a hospital's. They would get faxes about people's upcoming plastic surgery appointments. In fact one time they got a fax about a rather FAMOUS person's scheduled surgery :D

    awkward? yes!


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