Thursday, April 14, 2011

Week 14 wrap-up

First off, this is the song the quote was based on:

Lacuna Coil are indeed one of my favourites lately. ;) Especially their earlier works, like this one!

Anyway, the prompt for this week was:

"Come to me to feel my protection... Countdown to my revelation."

And we had some lovely contributions from our participants:

  • Madeline wrote about a destroyed world and left us all hanging! Will there be more?! I hope so!
  • Winter's contribution, our Friday feature, was another that left us hanging - what happened to Amanda?
  • Michael intro'd us to Tabitha, who is one hell of a gutsy angel! Go Tabs! This was our Saturday story pick
  • Brooke provided our Sunday story pick, which was narrated by a building trying to protect its terrified occupants
  • Jes wrote about how war makes a hero pretty darn noir, and featured a character with a cool French accent :)
  • Michelle's protagonist was asking himself, "What's normal anyway?!" by the end of his very weird encounter. And I want to know more about what'll happen to him!
  • And I wrote about a girl who finds sanctuary amidst mountains of corpses.
And that's all I read.

So thanks everyone for these great reads!


  1. I believe there's a little "Sanctuary" missing. :)

  2. D'oh!!! Why do I always forget my own story? :P


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