Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 13 wrap-up

Week 13's prompt was:

Fall into the ocean. Revel in it.

And these were the stories we got!

  • Madeline wrote about a demon mermaid - favourite mermaid concept ever!
  • Michael put Princess Caitlyn through her most harrowing trial yet - listening to Rebecca Black's "Friday" OVER AND OVER!
  • Brooke taught us that smoking grass can have...salty consequences.
  • Charlotte brought us our Saturday story pick, and a moving new perspective in the Little Mermaid story.
  • Jes, whose story was this week's Sunday story pick, made us laugh even as we cringed - in my case, over the fate of the poor ole cat :P
  • Michelle told us the story of a young woman coming of age, and discovering (or re-discovering) her true oceanic self.
  • Anna brought us the perspective of a ghost revisiting her family, then finding the bottom of the ocean.
  • Jenn made us hate, hate and hate some more - the hated party being Candi. And Kassidy's tale was our Friday feature.

And that was about it for Week 13!

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