Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 16 Wrap-up

Yep, I'm doing this instead, because our Winter is ridiculously busy with exams right now!

Prompt #16 was:

Women are like a different species or something.

And here's what I read!

  • Brooke wrote about a company who only hires women - or if required, turns the men they've hired INTO women by locking them in the "womaniser" room (as I call it)
  • Michelle wrote about small town married life when you in fact have no life and your husband is suddenly renowned as a secret government agent, just because he was test driving a new car. This was our Saturday pick!
  • I wrote about a garish angel who unwittingly wastes the Chosen One
  • Madeline wrote about a serial killing cannibal whose next victim turned out to either be a fellow murderer, or got framed for his crimes... Or maybe something else entirely! This was our Sunday pick!
  • Michael took Princess Caitlyn into the abyss known as minion purgatory, and faced her up against a Sith warrior :D
  • And finally, Jes wrote about Henriette, a rather "larger than life" character who I THINK is a wood nymph...of the imposing kind! I think Greenpeace would LOVE to have this girl on their side!

As for what my fellow Chrysalis founder folks wrote, I have yet to see! For the last few weeks... lol.

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