Thursday, June 30, 2011

Halfway Point: Status Report!

Hey guys. Thought I would put this out there, since we are at the halfway point. I want to know how many stories you've written for Chrysalis so far, even if you haven't finished 'em yet. I want to know your total Chrysalis wordcount, if you've uncovered any unexpected novels in your Chrysalis stash, or if you've completely crashed 'n burned and given up.

On that last note, Don't Give Up! Stick with us, why don't ya? Don't worry about the stuff you haven't written. Just look forward, to the next half of the year, and all the prompts that will be coming your way!! Stick with us, because...just like L'oreal...we ARE worth it. Hehe.

We've got some fun plans for what we're going to do AFTER Chrysalis, as in what we're gonna do with our stories, and your stories too if you're interested. We also have a sparkly badge for anyone who manages to get through this Experiment in one piece. Now if that ain't enticement, I don't know WHAT is. Hehe.

But without further status report for the year so far.

Stories started: 26
Stories finished: Um...argh. Will count this later. hehe
Words written: 69,007 (according to Scrivener anyway)
Potential novels started: um...3? 4? 5?
Stories happy with: Maybe...a third? Half, if I'm lucky? Hehe.
Number of times story wasn't written by Friday: Lost count by now...

Okay, so I wasn't too scientific with that, but this was an off the cuff blog post idea, so I've got an excuse. :P Anyway...I want to hear from you guys about how you're doing so far!


  1. Stories started: 25 (work soon to start on 26)
    Stories finished: 25
    Words written: I don't know exactly because I'm not currenlty on the computer with all my files. I would say about 20k maybe.
    Potential novels started: 0 (I don't need any more, trust me)
    Stories happy with: Probably most. There were a few I just wasn't happy with (like the one with Chesney and Robert) but I found myself pleased with many of them.
    Number of times story wasn't written by Friday: ditto

  2. Oh my God. I'm scared to look at my stats.

    Geez Trisha. Your short stories are long enough to be a book.

  3. Oh, lordy lordy, why, Trisha? XD

    Well, here goes nothing.

    Stories started: 16 (*gulp*)

    Stories started: ...I think 14?

    Words written: HERE'S where I'm not ashamed, because week 10 turned into a novel, so if that counts, I've got somewhere around 110k total. XD

    Potential novels started: 2

    (Potential novels finished: 1 =P)

    Stories happy with: Golly. MAYBE ten, and that's a stretch. I consider a couple to be unsalvageable because of their sheer lack of plot. The rest are fixable... I just haven't got around to the fixing yet. XD

    Number of times story wasn't written by Friday? HAHAHHAAHA. That is all. =]

  4. Also, I think you mentioned this, Jenn, but we should totally do a best-of-Chrysalis. People could maybe donate the ones they're happiest with. =)

    Maybe in Smashwords form, as well as CreateSpace? We could even join the 99 cent eBook hoards, haha.

  5. Yep, the "Best Of" is something I'm really looking forward to. Would be weird to try and pick a favourite story though. hehe

  6. Stories started: 17
    Stories finished:15
    Words written: 25,000-30,000 maybe???
    Potential novels started: 0/1
    Stories happy with: 2-5. Several more may be "fixable," like Winter said, but...I dunno. lol
    Number of times I was LATE: 5, including this week and last.

    I swear I will catch up. If I posted all my started-and-then-scrapped stories, I'd probably have almost double the word count. *sigh*

  7. Stories started: 27. (I think I did two for one week).
    Stories finished: 27.
    Words written: 38K-
    Potential novels started: least 1. maybe more. who knows?
    Stories happy with: happy's sort of a relative term...:P
    Number of times I was late: yeah, I lost count too. Lol.

  8. Nice effort everyone :) I look forward to seeing everybody's final stats. Hehe.

    It just occurred to me that it's gonna be interesting trying to write a story in the last week of December. :P

  9. Half way?! Already? Right now I'm three stories behind, and by tomorrow I'll be four stories behind! Hopefully I can catch up by Friday this week.

    Stories started: 24
    Stories finished: 24
    Words written: Probably only 24,000. My short stories are, er, short. Really short.
    Potential novels started: Maybe 8 or so.
    Stories happy with: There are a lot of them where I'm happy with the idea, but not so much the writing. I'm probably happy with about 10.
    Number of times story wasn't written by Friday: Oh my. A ton. A lot. Billions!


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