Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week 23 Wrap-Up

Week 23 saw us writing to this prompt (from me, Trisha):

You love him
You love him more than this
You love him, and you cannot
You can't resist.

At the time I forgot to mention that it was song lyrics, courtesy of the Smashing Pumpkins, my all-time favourite band. So anyway...those lines prompted the following...

  • Friday featured was ...nothing! Yay!
  • There was also no Saturday pick...go figure. :P
  • Sunday's pick, chosen by Trisha, was the verse written by the multi-talented Michael! Titled (and subtitled) "She Sailed Away: A Haiku", this was really quite epic and a little bit genius!
  • Jes wrote a story called "Nightingale" which also combined Prompt 24 (which is a story for another pun intended on the 'story' part)
  • Brooke confuzzled some folks, but in such STYLE! Her story this week was about a girl and a cliff, and treachery!
And I think the Chrysalis hosts wrote stuff, or at least I know I did, but I'm drawing a blank so I'm going to fill that in later. hehe


  1. Again, you're off a week. That was my story for Week 24.

  2. Ooops, I'll correct them. :) I was getting REALLY confused with what dates I should have posted these for, too. :P


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