Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 10 Wrap-Up

I wasn't exactly sure what I'd be getting when I wrote this prompt. I figured a lot of romance (mine was going to be romance and then it stopped being a short story and started being a novel. Damn.) but it hasn't been so! The variety was wonderful.

The prompt was: "Stop reading these words before it's too late."

Jes emailed us an awesome follow-up to her first story, about the avenging Fury Atropos and her efforts to invigorate the rather disappointing state of Olympus (what with the advent of the internet and all...).

Brooke wrote about a girl whose home-alone encounter is scarier than anything I've ever experienced... Jeez, glad I didn't read this at night!

Madeline wrote a fantastically-voiced story in which a slightly-obnoxious narrator gets her just desserts.

Michael gave us another Caitlin Chronicle in which we must battle with ourselves to determine the existentialist probabilities of being eaten by zombie penguins... or something like that. Sunday Featured.

Jesimarie, Saturday Featured, tells a tale of a Abercrombie model who gets caught up in intrigue that is definitely far beyond his expectation.

Jenn's Friday Feature develops further her story of a girl caught in a luxurious prison with relatives who don't seem quite right - and reveals a shocking truth.

Trisha wrote a second-person story about your receiving the diary of a classmate who committed suicide.

Raeyn wrote a very sweet love story about a (fellow) junior in high school with some unsavory habits who has two far more exciting men in her life than I do. ;D

Thanks to everyone for the great reads, and sorry for the late wrap-up. (My track record with these is getting worse and worse, bahaha)


  1. It's okay, Winter. My track record for getting my stories written and up is getting worse as well. XD

  2. Aww, I have been forgotteded. :'(

  3. aww, I'm so sorry about that! Let me edit really fast.

  4. It happens, especially with a growing roster of writers! ;) Now, to try and get prompt #12 rolling...


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