Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 11 wrap-up

It's that time again - time to go back in time, baby! Week 11's prompt was:

If I keep your secret, what's in it for me?

And this is what we got for our trouble:

  • Our Friday feature saw Winter writing about a very sick girl and her unlikely friendship with the one person who stoutly refused to hate her.
  • Saturday's pick, written by Michael, involved yet another evil Susan - will we ever give the Susans of the world a break?! Ahem...stay tuned for tomorrow's Friday feature story to find out. hehe
  • The Sunday pick this week was from our newest participant, Michelle, who wrote about a player-fool whose arrogance got him in deep water - I want to know what happened!
  • Another of our newer participants, JesiMarie, brought us more of the Bert chronicles, and this week introduced us to some fabulous new supporting characters
  • Madeline kept us guessing till the end with her story about a mentally unstable person who's confused about their own reality
  • Jes sent us an amazing short story about a team that's spent weeks in underground caves, diving into ocean caverns. I really felt like I learned something new from this one :)
  • Brooke wrote about the ultra creepy "Yoda with correct grammar" as Madeline put it, and the subterranean secrets he's been keeping - but hey, that young dude was greedy!
  • Jenn returned to the echoing halls of Anais's mansion, and showed us Sophie meeting the mysterious Wyrvern for the first time
  • And I wrote about the last thoughts of a killer's victim - yay?!

I had a great time reading this week, so thanks everyone! :)

My Friday feature story is up tomorrow, so check it out then. Heh.

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  1. Hello Chrysalis! I just wanted to say I really do enjoy reading your blog... even if I haven't commented much. If I had time, I would join in. For now though... I read!

    And... you got a blogging award! Go snag it off of my most recent post. Keep up the awesome writing!


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