Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 8 Wrap-Up

Ya, it's that time again, time to wrap up the previous week! Week 8's prompt was:

"If you think again, you might be disappointed."

And this week we had the following stories from our participants:

  • Brooke wrote about a rather sexy deity dude I personally wouldn't mind meeting, except that if he read my thoughts I'd be embarrassed too. :D
  • Michael took the wacky weird Caitlyn chronicles to a whole new level I had never imagined he could - seriously, check it out!
  • Madeline brought us angels with talons, who had only one thought each, and gave us a glimpse of the epic war going on in that world
  • Virginia made herself a woman after my own heart (though admittedly she was already this! :D) by writing about ROCK STARS, baby!
  • Jenn wrote about a down & out teen's sudden rise to fortune, and her struggle to adjust to her new life with her creepily well-adjusted adopted family...and more to come on this shortly, I'm hoping!
  • I wrote about what happens when a teenager suddenly realises she's been bored her entire life
  • And of course Winter brought us Friday's feature story, which I found just as powerful and impacting as pretty much all her work.

All in all, I was excited by and impressed with what I got to read this week! Huge thanks to our participants for making 2011 even more interesting! :)

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